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Bees for Peace

The Russian invasion in Ukraine has utterly shocked us, and we feel the need to help in any way possible.

WIth guided visits to our apiaries we would like to offer moments of peace to refugees, particularly children, in Munich and at Lake Schliersee  

Bees for Peace

Providing moments of peace in the world of bees

During our work in Afghanistan and Syria, we witnessed first hand the unspeakable devastation war and conflict have on people's lives, particularly on children. Having to leave home and loved ones behind, seeking safety in a foreign country, in the uncertainty of what the future might bring, are challenges which could hardly be greater. 

With our Bees-for-Peace project we would like to try and make this difficult time a bit easier.

What is Bees for Peace?

With guided visits to our apiaries and opportunities to take part in active beekeeping we offer (young) refugees moments of respite and distraction from the traumatic events through which they have lived, and create a positive memory for them. Together, we discover the wonderful world of bees, learn how they live and observe how busy these little animals are. Our visits cover the entire bee season as well as the honey harvest. Obviously, we also get to try some of the honey as we go along.

Why bees?

Beekeeping is a highly immersive experience. It appeals to all senses and is immensely captivating. Tending to bees requires focus, mindfulness and presence. It brings calmness, shifts thoughts away from worries and allows to recharges one's batteries. Watching bees at work is fascinating, particularly for children, brings a lot of joy and can have lasting positive, healing effects.  

Who can participate?

We welcome everyone affected by war and displacement - no matter where they come from. This obviously also includes those care for them, as well as their (kindergarten) friends and class mates. The visits to the apiaries are free of charge.

Where does Bees for Peace take place?

The hives are located on our Munich and Schliersee premises and are easily reachable by public transport.

Who makes Bees for Peace possible?

Our Bees-for-Peace hives are sponsored by companies supporting this cause, and the hives dedicated to this project. We organise the visits and provide our time for free.

The honey from the Bees-for-Peace hives belongs to the children who take care of them with us. Any honey left over will be auctioned off to benefit selected aid projects for Ukraine.

Would you like to take part of know someone who would?

Then please to get in touch! 

You would like to sponsor a Bees-for-Peace hive or support the project?

Thank you!