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Private Clients

Bees have existed for millions of years, but now they need our help to survive. Rather urgently. Our flexible adoption plans for private clients enable you to support bees and their environment sustainably and directly. Adopt a full hive or just a part of it. Alone or collectively with friends and family.

Adoption Plans for Private Clients

Your monthly subscription fee finances your adopted bees for a minimum of one year, or longer if you wish. Our adoption packages start at a tenth of a full hive, and can be extended to several hives. If you have adequate space, the hives can be installed on your premises. Otherwise, and for pro-rata plans, they remain on our site. We provide the full-service beekeeping operation needed to maintain the bees, ensure their health, and harvest the honey. The honey produced by the bees you sponsor is yours entirely. We fill and deliver it in unique and personalised glasses.

No matter which support  you choose, your commitment helps bees and our environment.

Our Service

  • Installation of the hive in a wooden bee box (which you can paint and decorate yourself)
  • Full-scale beekeeping service throughout the year, including all necessary operations required for a healthy colony management
  • 6 annual inspections to control growth and health*
  • 2 annual inspections to harvest the honey*
  • 4 annual inspections to ensure bee health and disease prophylaxis*
  • 2 annual inspections for winter preparations*
  • Honey harvest and jarring (glasses with your own logo)
  • 1 inspection in spring and all necessary preparation for the new season
  • Regular cleaning and annual disinfection of all boxes and material
  • Insurance against theft and vandalism for the entire period
  • Registration with the veterinary office and certification of health (once a year)
  • Relocation of the hive at the end of the subscription period
  • Guided visits of your hive with one of our dedicated beekeepers
  • Forage space with perennial bee-friendly flowers, min. 100 m2
  • A bug hotel for wild bees and other insects
  • Regular updates on your bees with pictures and videos


Our private sponsorship packages start at 22 EUR incl. VAT / per month for a tenth of hive. A full sponsorship for one hive is 220 EUR incl. VAT per month. Subscription period for all packages is a minimum of 12 months. A multi-year commitment is recommended for optimal bee health. The subscription fee can also be paid annually in advance.

We happily provide you with an individual quote.


  • Beekeeper-for-a-day experience
  • Beekeeping courses
  • Honey tastings
  • Expert advice on insect-friendly plants

* This is for guidance only. Since these are living animals that act depending on the weather, we can only roughly estimate how many inspections will be necessary for their welfare. If the bees are hosted on your premises, you grant us access to the colonies as needed. At your convenience, of course.

Our partial adoption packages are available in our online shop. Click here to find out more!

Absolutely. They thrive on balconies, rooftops, and terraces. Honey bees will forage up to three kilometres making their immediate surroundings less critical in their diet than one might imagine. There's plenty to pollinate and feed on in the city and, above all, a wide range of choices on the menu. Even more than in the countryside, where agricultural monoculture severely limits variation and availability of suitable plants.

Bees are among the most peaceful (and fascinating) creatures to share your space with. They are single-mindedly focussed on pollination, and show no interest in us humans or our food. Left undisturbed, they are calm and not dangerous. They will only ever sting to defend their lives in the most extreme circumstances.

There really is no reason to hesitate about keeping bees in your garden or on the terrace. Starting the day watching your bees with a cup coffee in your hand, is a truly amazing and inspiring experience. Give it a go.