Invest in bees for a sustainable future - BEE FRIEND
Sponsor a Beehive

Throughout the world bees are pollinators of thousands of fruit and vegetable crops on which humans and animals rely as food sources. Bees, in particular honey bees, are one of the most important contributors to global food security. And yet, they are dying at an alarming rate. Diseases, mounting exposure to pesticides, and continued loss of habitat threaten bee colonies all over the world - and right on our doorstep. Without help, bees can usually no longer survive on their own.

That's where we come in. And you. Together, we can actively help reverse the decline of the honey bees.

By adopting a beehive you make an immediate contribution to the protection of our native honey bee population.

Your support ensures the wellbeing of your hive through our regular professional inspections and crucial disease management throughout the year. Moreover, you help counter global insect decline with our forage and habitat programmes. Both are included in our adoption package.

As a sponsor, you are sustainably involved in preserving biodiversity, food security, and bees.

Get involved - we cater for both corporate and private clients.