Invest in bees for a sustainable future - BEE FRIEND



Bee populations are declining dangerously worldwide.

Get involved and help them survive. They are one of the world's most essential animals.

Let's invest in the future. Together.

... with our sponsorship plans for companies and private clients.

Your monthly subscription fee supports a bee hive for at least one year. We manage the hives and take full care of the bees - on your premises or ours. The honey of the bees you support is yours.

For each adopted hive we supply forage and dedicated living spaces for wild bees and other insects. Because we believe real help lies in strengthening the entire system within which the bees operate.

With the adoption of a beehive you are actively practicing environmentally conscious living by sustaining local pollinators, their ecosystem and its biodiversity.

We offer all of our services in English, French and Spanish.

... is just like leasing a car with a chauffeur – lean back, relax and enjoy your investment while we and the bees do all the hard work for you.

Enjoy your own honey and the priceless feeling of having done your bit to save the planet!

These are the three pillars of our adoption packages:


Our dedicated beekeepers take care of the bees' needs on your behalf. From installing the hive to routine checks, disease management and winter preparations, we do our best to ensure that the bees are thriving.



The honey produced by your bees is entirely yours. We extract and jar the honey. Bespoke labels, featuring your company branding or a personalised name make for unique gifts and brillant marketing opportunities.



Each hive comes with the promise to provide enough flowers for the bees and a living space for wild bees and other insects. Because strengthening the ecosystem is key to our joint effort of saving the bees. 

You can help save the bees as a company, private household or single individual, whether you live in the city or out in the countryside. 

Our services enable everyone to keep this vital little insect thriving.

It is entirely up to you how many bees you would like to support. You can choose to pool efforts and share the cost with family or friends or go it alone. You can host the bees on your premises or ours. You can even harvest the honey yourself, try your hand at beekeeing, or add tailor-made honey tastings and other bee-related events to your adoption package.

Our corporate clients play a particularly important role in safeguarding biodiversity and ensuring sustainability. They also get a lot in return. Corporate bees not only deliver an abundance of honey as sweet give-aways to colleagues and clients, but also offer unique marketing and PR opportunities, and innovative CSR options with an immediate environmental impact.

So do get involved. Your support matters, big or small. Together, we can keep the bees buzzing.

We are committed to doing our bit to strengthen food security, biodiversity, and sustainability, locally and globally.

For the greater good. Together with you.

Because only if the bees are thriving, our planet is too.